12 Thoughtful Christmas Stocking Fillers

Unwrapping your stocking fillers is one of the simple joys of Christmas - no matter how old you are! You can show someone you love you how much you care with a simple little gift, as it’s often the little things that can make the biggest difference. And with the big day right around the corner, we have put together a stocking filler gift guide to give you some inspiration.

Christmas Stockings

Manta Hair Brush

The Manta Hair Brush is a small palm sized hair brush that has so many benefits than just brushing hair. The Manta Hair Brush's handle fits easily between fingers and is extremely easy to hold. It creates less tension in the hair and detangles hair quickly and effectively, plus, it helps massage the scalp and stimulate hair growth!

Vibratime Reminder Watch

This silent vibrating watch that can help the wearer remind themselves of something that they are required to do. It has up to 10 vibrating alarms which can be set per day. Small and effective!

The perfect toenail cutter for someone who struggles to bend down to their toes. The extra width of the handle helps spread the pressure used to make the cut. The hygienic stainless-steel blade is slightly serrated to grip the nail and angled to keep the wrist in a natural position.


If the person you're thinking of struggles with stiff and fiddly plugs, the Plugull Plug Pull can be a nice gift for them. Plugull Plug Pull is the clever plug attachment that allows for easy and safe removal of electrical 3-pin plugs that are hard to pull out. They come in a pack of three (and a variety of colours) and are extremely easy to grip and pull.

G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand

Handling mobile phones can often feel like a chore. The G-Hold Universal Phone Holder enables your hand to hold the phone in a natural hand and wrist position without needing to contort your fingers into uncomfortable positions. Also it helps to comfortably capture all those wonderful Christmas pictures!


The Keywing Key Turner is a small and absolutely perfect stocking filler! Turning keys can be really painful, but the Keywing makes it much easier to grip, turn and find your keys. It is available in a triple pack as well as in vibrant coloured single packs making it easy to find and recognise each key.

Arthr Car Door Mate

With the Arthr Car Door Mate help your loved one regain their confidence and put them back in the driver's seat. The Arthr Car Door Mate is a simple device that holds the car door open so that it can be used to hold on to reliably. The Car Door Mate gives you the confidence to hold onto the car door while lifting yourself out from the car seat.

Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution

Tying shoelaces has often been difficult for a lot of people. The Zubits magnetic laces are a solution that allows you to tie your shoes in seconds simply by pulling the magnets together and you can pop them off hands free by stepping on the opposite heel. Small and effective, they make up for a very nice present.

Nimble One Finger Cutting Tool

This versatile one finger cutting tool can be used to open everything from parcels to mailing bags! It comes in very handy while wrapping presents - so you might want to bag one for yourself this holiday season!


The Knork is a perfect dining tool for anyone with a limited grip. It is a fork and knife in one which allows the user to cut into food using a simple rocking motion. An absolute essential for all the Christmas dinner parties!

G-Hold Tablet Holder

With the ergonomic G-Hold Tablet Holder you can watch all the nostalgic Christmas movies on your tablet. It has 360 degree rotation and it eliminates the need to grip the side of your tablet or reader whilst navigating the touch screen, thus avoiding strain around the carpal tunnel. You can also use it on any ereader while reading your new book! It is the perfect addition to a stocking.

Easi-Grip Table Top Nail Clipper

The Table Top Nail Clipper is designed to assist those with limited hand functionality to help them cut their fingernails. Small and effective, they make up for a very nice present.

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