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How do you help someone with arthritis and provide a tangible benefit to a charity? It's a specific problem that requires an equally unique solution. That's exactly the kind of challenge the Arthr team loves to take on. We set out to design, develop & champion innovative, high-quality, ergonomic products for people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions – helping them enjoy everyday life again.

The toilet riser designer

For in and around the home.

Arthritis is one of the biggest health issues in the UK today, affecting 10 million people and rising, impacting many people of all ages. And yet little has been done to improve their lives through better product design that is functional and stylish. This lack of attention to the emotional aspects of design just isn't good enough for the people living with arthritis and other MSK conditions. Providing functional support is only half of the challenge of a product. If the solution is not aesthetically pleasing or simply put ugly and looks like it doesn't belong in a home but a medical institution, then the solution will not be put in a home and left to collect dust. The problem still exists because the solutions are not being used. And this is exactly what the hundreds of people we spoke to have told us.

We believe that good design should be accessible to everyone. For too long people with conditions that affect strength and dexterity have had to compromise between functionality and style. Shifting our approach to design can radically improve the quality of life for so many people. Our approach is simple. We put the people that we are trying to help at the center of everything we do. As we are powered by the charity Versus Arthritis, we have all of their years of experience, research and insight afforded to us. And they also bring their own community of people with arthritis that have supported Arthr's foundations and research into new product development. We invest profits back into developing better products to help people with arthritis and we donate to Versus Arthritis, enabling the charity to achieve its mission.

The inspiration behind the design is you

Working with people whose lives have been changed by arthritis we were able to understand what matters most. Those objects that plan an essential role in our everyday lives should still brighten up your home. Through our design cycle, we ensure that our designs, and those that we champion, are tried and tested by you and loved by you. We are proud to bring you products that you are proud to have in and around your home.

Our products balance the needs of the end-user with an eye for modern design. They blend effortlessly in and around your home, but make a real difference to how you feel about using them. Your home is a representation of you, and so you should have the choice to choose products that are built to support you but are also in keeping with the aesthetics of your home. It is our emphasis on great aesthetic as well as functional design that sets us apart. We are on a mission to give people with arthritis and other MSK conditions their independence, in a dignified manner with products that belong in your home.

The design journey

 The design journey 

Arthr bathroom product design

The first area we tackled was an area that we felt we could make the biggest impact. One of the simple things in life and a fundamental necessity, is the act of going to the toilet. It's not something we often openly talk about because it’s a private experience, however it can be an area of difficulty for some of us with arthritis. It’s a topic we feel should be spoken about and addressed.

There aren't many products out there that have been created with the particular challenge of arthritis in mind. Or many that solve a problem but do so with dignity of well-designed products. People have told us that they have felt embarrassed by the aids they were using at home.

Our streamlined designs sit alongside your existing furniture with discreet and elegant support, blending into any modern setting. We have approached a number of traditional bathroom aids, elevating functional design with a real lightness of touch and sensitivity. Shaping products from on-trend materials that echo contemporary bathroom design, without crowding your space.

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