Giving one of life's fundamental necessities a better shape

A candid take on a user's perspective. Nimesh talks to Arthr about the challenges he faces when getting on and off the toilet.

Everyday there are things we do such as - getting in and out of the bath, or putting on your duvet cover can be a monumental task. Having arthritis means encountering an invisible fight associated with these tasks that others are either not aware of or able to appreciate.

It’s just a matter of getting down there and trying to get up again. I’m finding it quite painful, and I actually rely upon the wall to support me, if that wall wasn’t there it would be more challenging…Some of the products I have been looking at such as grab rails etc, they seem to be really old fashioned and they seem to be like an old persons home or you would probably find in a hospital.

- Nimesh

There aren’t many products out there that have been created with the particular challenge of arthritis in mind. Or many that solve a problem but do so with dignity of well designed products. We have found with those we spoke to that if they had guests in their home they didn’t want their problem to be known or be embarrassed by the aides they were using.

With Nimesh's story in mind, we took it as a task to design and develop a stylish, modern and ergonomic solution that can fit into a contemporary bathroom easily give you back your independence with elegance.

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