“Heat the human not the home” says moneysavingexpert.com

With energy costs soaring, we’ve picked up on a Money Saving Expert’s article (put together out of necessity over desire) that we wish to share with you.

The article explains how people who are at the point of drastically cutting down on energy usage financially, or perhaps out of environmental consideration, are able to take measures. It comes with a warning that must be considered, and with lots of helpful guidance. To summarise: 

  1. There are several methods for heating the human, costing as little as 1p per hour! The list includes:
    1. USB Gloves, Hand warmers and Heated insoles 
    2. Wheat bags and Hot Water Bottles
    3. Electric heat pads, footwarmers and blankets
  2. Try layering clothing (like many skiers and hikers do) and start with an extra base layer such as tights under your clothes. 
  3. Eat regularly and have at least one hot meal a day, plus regular hot drinks.
  4. Keeping your feet warm will have a drastic benefit to keeping warm.
  5. Ensure you are wearing the right socks.
  6. Try and keep your feet off the floor, particularly hard floors, whilst sitting down.
  7. Try combining a hot water bottle in a sleeping bag - a nifty trick found on forums to keep extra toasty.
  8. Investigate if you are entitled to Government support.

You can read the full article here

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